Stage 1:
This is a basic tune programmed for your specific ECU and Car or Truck Model. In most cases this tune is designed to improve performance with your factory engine parts. In other words, no other modifications are needed to perform this type of tune. Tuning options may be available. For example: 91, 93 or 100 octane tunes, which optimize the engine management software for different types of fuel.

Stage 2:
Includes everything from stage 1 but is optimized for additional engine modifications to give the extra power for the tune. Engine mod examples would be: Performance exhaust, high flow intake, injectors, fuel pump and high flow cats or Test pipes. (for off road use only)

Stage 3:
This is the most powerful engine management upgrade that can be performed on the vehicle. This level of tuning requires engine component upgrades in addition to the ECU tune. Hardware upgrades may include items such as a bigger turbo or a supercharger. These components are also available as kits and come with most of the necessary components to bolt on the car. In some cases engine internals may need to be upgraded to accommodate the serious power increases. At this level of performance enhancement, we highly recommend that, for safety and integrity reasons, other drive train and performance enhancements be considered. This may include items such as an upgraded clutch, axles, intercoolers or bigger brakes.