Welcome to Covert Customs!

At Covert Customs, our mission is to help you create a truly custom ride by providing the highest quality performance and aesthetic updates to your vehicle.
Like our clients, we’re car enthusiasts, and we're driven by the challenge to Make the Impossible Possible!
That's why we’ve partnered with some leading vehicle tuning manufactures, to help you optimize your vehicle's performance and "stand out" from the rest.

Covert Customs has performance applications for your European and American vehicle platforms. We work with manufactures such as APR, JHMotorsports, ECS Tuning, 034 Motorsports, Vivid Racing, Unichip, as well as H&S Performance to provide safe and reliable performance upgrades for your ultimate driving experience. So, whether you’re looking for a shop that has the expertise to customize your ride for you or you need the right parts to make your own upgrades, we can help.

For those enthusiasts looking to customize your vehicles appearance while maintaining the integrity of your current OEM paint, Cover Customs has the answer…Plastidip.
Plastidip is a rubber coating that can be applied directly to your current vehicle surface at a very affordable cost. In addition to providing a truly custom look,
this product is easily reversible and can be removed without any harmful effects to your vehicles clear coat finish. And as an authorized DipYourCar reseller we have what it
takes to make your custom color change possible.

Benefits of Plastidip:

  • Transforms the appearance of your vehicle for that truly custom look
  • Can be applied to wheels, trims and badges or your entire car
  • Helps protect against harmful everyday road debris such as rocks, sand, salt, and ice
  • Can be easily removed with no negative effect to your OEM paint
  • Looks modern and up-to-date. And it gives your ride an eye catching look that’s sure to grab everyone's attention.

Please contact us for a personal consultation on how Covert Customs can make... The Impossible Possible for You!


Mr. William Thurston President and CEO of Covert Customs Corporation